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Thread: Project CARS 2 Suspension Calculator v0.995

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    Quote Originally Posted by F1_Racer68 View Post
    I personally use PortableApps for almost all my applications where possible since they don't clutter the registry.
    Okay, this part finally convinced me to give it a try. Downloaded it and unpacked it to my hard drive. At a first glance it works like a charme and all those carīs names (thanks again Jussi) are no longer needed. Thank you for linking me to a better life.
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    Hiya jussi ,
    I think I have come across a problem with Porsche gte and only in the rain , note only in rain light rain and normal rain lol,

    I've tried every setting possible for a league race ,over 5 hours testing for an hour an half race ,

    The race starts off light rain ,so 4 weather slots light rain ,clear ,clear ,light cloud , race time 90minutes ,gte class, with rain stopping 30 minutes into race ,2 pit stops ,most of race will be raced on wet tyres due to track not drying out as last corner to finish still being soaking wet , track Sonoma

    The only car it affects is Porsche gte,

    On wet track the ffb wheel is as light as a feather even setting volume on full , even if you left volume on full when track starts to dry ffb wheel would be so stiff you can not turn wheel ,

    No other gte car feels like a feather on ffb wheel only in rain, in dry ffb wheel is normal ,

    We raced at imola couple of weeks ago and race was part wet and at time I thought there was a problem with my wheel,

    I can't map anymore buttons , I had already put down force to max and traction on ,I don't normally run assists,,

    I even put your suspension figures in ,no difference,

    As I say 5 hours of testing and come to conclusion ffb is far too light ,as light as feather, only in rain ,

    You also said this was a mid engine car as I was thinking ffb volume was far too light due too engine sitting right at back,

    But after you saying its a mid engine I now know that's not the problem,

    Any help please before race starts tonight ,if not I will have to sit this league race out,

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    Try maximum caster angle. Thatís the only thing I can think of to help for better steering feel in the wet.
    PS I havenít driven the RSR in rain.
    G29 FFB RAW 95-50-5-0

    What tire compound were you using?
    What was your tire pressure?
    What was the track and tire temperatures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkraft300 View Post
    Try maximum caster angle. That’s the only thing I can think of to help for better steering feel in the wet.
    PS I haven’t driven the RSR in rain.
    I did not race the car in the end , I tried castor angles but I had to be very careful I wasn't overheating wet tyres on a 95% dry track ,
    We had the last corner 100mtrs to start finish line still soaking wet on 90minute race,

    Problem was it was a wet race for 30 minutes and as above last part of track was still wet, while rest of track was bone dry ,so you had to stay on wets until last 30 minutes,

    Part of my problem was ffb on wheel was so light but once track was drying ffb came back to normal ,

    I don't have enough buttons to map for plus and minus volume on ffb ,even on 100 % in wet ffb was still light as a feather,

    It doesn't matters now as season is over but I won't chose that car again in case we have a wet race ,that's a shame because in the dry the car is great ,

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