I've been using this calculator for a while now, and it's been very helpful. I've gone through and saved one for just about every car (using 996b), except for the Ferrari download pack, which I will be patient for. I have one question, without reading through 37 pages to see if someone answered, could you tell me if it's better to be dialed in to the dark blue line as close as possible on every car? I'm wondering if that's the safe default, that I'm not sure I learned from you initial instructions. I do that, and it seems to work. If the car's settings don't allow an exact match to the line, I try to make sure the line is following the same bend and angle. For example, here's the BMW 320 Turbo without messing with springs and ARB. The car itself has max bump and rebounds that can't go as high as I would need to match the dark blue line:

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