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Thread: Live Stream single player game to TV?

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    Unhappy Live Stream single player game to TV?


    I am hoping that someone can help us.

    I run a racing evening, with Project Cars 2, whereby players simply take it in turns to race in single player mode (an offline, custom event).
    I would like to have the racing action also "live streamed" to a TV that is in a different room.

    I am struggling to find the best way to do this.

    I have a decent rig with a GTX970. I have a router by the PC (ethernet connected) and another router in the TV room, both connected by ethernet.
    A friend might bring another machine for the evening, which can be placed by the TV but is currently not here.

    Trouble is - when I offer a broadcast, to my friend, via internet, it just sits on the loading screen at his end. I have very poor internet bandwidth at my house, particularly uplink.
    An "online game" was an option - but it has a minimum of 2 players and we only have one wheel.
    We've also considered ChromeCast? Would that work?

    Thanks for any advice that anyone can offer.


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    If I understand what you have said, please correct me if I have misunderstood, you want to duplicate the racing action ie like a cloned screen to the tv.

    Not sure if your are willing to spend any money? But why not invest in HDMI over Ethernet extender. You plug the hdmi from the pc to the sender box, this has a loop back so it also pumps the image to the monitor screen. You then connect the box to your network via an Ethernet cable. On the other end by your tv, you have a receiver box that again connect to your network via Ethernet, you then connect the TVs hdmi to this box, and you have an exact copy of the live racing action in another Room.

    Thatís a very basic overview, if itís what your after I could post some examples
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    Does your GTX970 has different Outputs? HDMI/DVI ?

    If yes, simply connect it to the Seconds Output, Clone the Display et Voilŗ!
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