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Thread: [PAINTING] wheel, fresnel, chrome, brilliant, mat ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reiche View Post
    More info soonish
    Or right now. Nice work!
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    Well, of course you're right, but the information isn't exactly user friendly as it is work in progress for now. I haven't decided on how to proceed from there yet.

    For leagues, singe classes might be interesting, tool not necessarily needed if one user manages the package and provides it to the league members.
    For "livery messies" like myself (who have stored hundreds of liveries of PC1) all old cars might be interesting and the copy+paste method should be sufficient to just get the liveries into the game.
    For “screenshotters“, a tool might not be needed as you have to add tires, banners, etc by hand anyway; but, of course, every single car could be of interest.

    No idea how many users are interested, no idea of there will be any hurdles to overcome, no idea if there will be steps to prevent stuff, no idea if SMS will introduce mods.txt again and make those hours of work needed obsolete..
    Improved hardware (PC) + improved hardware (FFB + pedals) + improved driving skills - limited amount of time = less to no time for livery painting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reiche View Post
    No idea how many users are interested...
    I bet all the livery painters are.
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