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Thread: [ISSUE] Multiplayer Stuttering/Short Freezes

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    IIRC the join/leave hick-up will be improved, SMS is working on it.
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    Is there any news about this issue? I've just had my first multiplayer race (on Xbox One) and everytime someone entered or exited the lobby the game freezed for a few seconds; not only I've usually lost control of the car when the game re-started, but it seemed some other drivers didn't have this issue as I've found myself suddenly behind people that were a few seconds behind me.
    Is there any solution to this issue? Or the multiplayer is totally unusable. WTF?

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    It cannot be completely addressed as it's an issue with peer-to-peer networking. However, your network bandwidth will play a role into which is likely why it's impacting you more than the other drivers in your race. Ensure that you are directly connected to a switch or your router rather than using wireless and it will help.
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