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Thread: VR/Vive frame drops issues solved

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    VR/Vive frame drops issues solved

    Oké guys, I had tried everything.

    • Reinstalling windows
    • Deleting XML files
    • Changing nvidia settings
    • Switching all the different switches of steamVR
    • Set all ingame graphics to low

    But it did not matter. Somewhere in this forums I had read someone who changes shadows to off and it solved all my issues. Graphics are now set to medium and I get almost constantly 90fps. There is something very bugged about shadows. Even Spa has great performance now.

    I do still have supersampling on 1.0 but anti-aliasing is set to medium. Probably can have some SS too, just have not tried it yet. Was too happy I could finally try the game. Formula A with damage is pretty hard btw
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    I will give this a try too. I don't think I ever set them to OFF.
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    night time still has horrid performance when you have some cars behind you

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    I did post the shadow as the cause on another thread but I wouldn't consider it solved. If shadow works for Rift but not for Vive, it is a bug and needs to be fixed.

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