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Thread: How to activate director/spectator mode

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    How to activate director/spectator mode

    According to the online game manual there is a spectator/ director mode available in multiplayer sessions.

    How can I activate this mode?

    If you feel like sitting back and watching some racing action, this is the place for you.
    During a single-player event, you can watch non-race sessions in real-time whilst your car is in the pits by clicking on the Monitor option in the Pit Box menu. This will show you the regular Replay options, with additional status information about each car added to the Leaderboard, as well as Track Conditions and Vehicle Status, in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    If you fail to finish a race, due to a mechanical failure or a crash (for instance), you can also drop into Monitor mode to see how the rest of the race unfolds.
    In multiplayer modes, you have the same options available, but with the added alternative of watching an entire race in Spectator Mode.
    Spectator Mode means you will not be able to drive in any of the sessions, but you can freely follow any car in any view during an event using the same functionality as Replay mode.
    If a Director is present during an online race, you can also choose to follow his broadcast.

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    Either join a Race in Progress in Multplayer, or Return to Pits, then Leave & Spectate...
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    If you mean the director and broadcaster role ->
    Under “Broadcast“, it is part of the Host settings.
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