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Thread: RS Dash (pCars Dash successor) - companion telemetry app

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    Since you said it worked if you used a direct IP, then you must have had a wider subnet that is standard. This just means that it needs a custom broadcast IP address (as RS Transmitter uses a subnet broadcast instead of a global broadcast as it works a little better in general compatibility wise). Let me know what subnet you are using and I will tell you what the subnet broadcast should be, alternatively just try put in the global broadcast address of (broadcast mode OFF) in RS Transmitter and see if that works
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    Thank you very much for the prompt assistance! I resolved it by setting the IP address of the pc to 192.168.1.* then they both worked without the need for rs transmitter. Once again, thank you!

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about RS Dash app. I use the app on my PS4. But unfortunately
    I can not start the app offline on my tablet. The error is reported over and over
    again "Licensing Error. App could not be verified with goolge Play! Check out your internet connection"

    If there is an internet connection everything works without problems.

    According to pocketplayground, the app has to start and run without Internet connection. They believe that the license is not stored in the cache of the device.

    Has anyone here an idea why this may be? What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hello cjorgens79 I hope you are fine, would it be possible to improve the base for assetto corsa competision to be able to have the fuel consumption and tire wear?

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    Hi everybody! I have a little lag problem and already contacted the developer who responded very quickly, but I think I could need some additional swarm help

    I used to run RS Dash on an Ipad Mini (1) with Project Cars 2 on an XBox One X running smoothly. The XBox One is wired, the Ipad is connected via WiFi.

    I now wanted to use an Iphone 5S as a dashboard in front of my wheel, but everything is quite laggy regardless of the UDP frequency. On rare occasions the data was shown correctly and fast, but just for one race. When testing I turned of all other devices (like the Ipad Mini), and also turned the phone and router on and off various times. What could be the problem?

    Here's a summary of my setup, maybe it helps

    Project Cars 2 on XBox One X (UDP frequency is 4, I also tried 1 but no difference)
    RS Dash on IPhone 5S (connected via WiFi)
    Router is a "Connect Box" from the provider Unitymedia Germany (the connection is DS Lite Ipv6)
    IP Flood control off

    I thought maybe there was something with the ports, but normally my Xbox has the NAT status open, for example. And the IPad Mini is not nearly as powerful as the Iphone 5S in comparison. Regardless, the Iphone lags. Here's what I tried until now:

    1. Turned Legacy Net Code on.
    2. Since Ipad Mini works smoothly, checked the Ghz frequency. Both are normally connected in the 5 Ghz band. Also tried to seperate SSIDs and check 2.4 and 5 Ghz. 2.4Ghz worked a little better, but still lags.
    3. Tried to open the port 9999 for the Iphone 5S, didn't make any difference.
    4. Reset network settings
    5. Installed RS Dash on my IPhone X, works smoothly as well.
    6. I tried another app named Dash Panel, same problem on the 5S.

    So withouth doing anything special and just regular DHCP router settings the app runs smoothly on Ipad Mini and Iphone X, but not on the Iphone 5S.

    I hope somebody reads this and had a similar problem. Thanks a lot!

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