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That sort of scenario is just about the heaviest hit you can get. Night and wet, means you'll get all the headlights behind you casting shadows, as well as the reflections in the water. Combine that with a tree-heavy circuit like Oulton and, yeah, it's a bit of a killer. As you say, once the start is done, the cars spread out a bit and you get less of the dynamic lights at play and less stuff reflected, ergo, better frame rates. The only solutions, maintaining the same scenario, are going to be:

1. More powerful hardware
2. Removal of headlights casting dynamic shadows

The first option is really the only realistic one on the cards. Removing the headlights casting shadows will only lead to an outcry of "downgrading the graphics". The problem we face is that once we've had something, it's very difficult to go back to not having it, so as much as many people might say "graphics aren't the most important thing", they will certainly miss these kinds of details if they are removed.

As much as it would be nice to have our cake and eat it, there simply aren't the resources available in our systems to do so right now. I can but hope that the next generation of GPUs will finally bring enough horsepower to run things pretty much maxed out. It's why I've stuck with my DK2 and 980GTX for the time being, knowing from others in our league that even 1080ti cards can't drive 90fps all of the time.

Regarding all the headlights behind me when I start the race: my cockpit is so much highlighted that I can't read the LCD panel. It's like the rear of my car is made of glass and doesn't stop all the lights coming from behind me...