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Thread: VR Guide - Setup, Settings and General tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadybrady View Post
    How is the OP able to adjust super sampling with MSAA turned to "low"??? The only way I can adjust super sampling is by turning MSAA completely off. I'm trying to get my VR to look as clear as possible so it's frustrating that the main setting to achieve this, is the one that I , for whatever reason, can't seem to change according to this tutorial.
    Are you using the sharpening tool? If not, start with the post I linked. Those settings should get you started, but I'd encourage you to read through the rest of the post to see some other settings people had good results with. The most common mentioned is probably 1.3, 0.08, 1.3. That will make more sense to you once you read through.

    Are you trying the settings from the first post here? Those may work but remember they were for an older version of the nvidia driver and an older version of the game. You should read through the last 30 pages or so (or even better, the whole thread) to see some more recent information on settings with current versions that people have done much more testing with. I know it seems a lot to read, but I dug in and read through all the old posts when I first started using VR, and I came out with a much better understanding of it. At that point you should be able to know for yourself what you can change and what it will affect. You'll probably also find someone who has the same setup as you and can check more recent posts for the settings they are using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeJeffroies View Post
    I don't know about this noise, but it's completely unusable if you play with the HTC Vive Pro. I've read on some forum that people are dropping SS down to around .44 for the Vive Pro, to get a clearer picture without the stuttering.
    That's what I've read too, I tried the same thing with regular vive because it was so interesting. Lowered the rendering close to native one eye, like 55%. It looked ok upfront, but textures looked very bad down the road. The noise was still present though.

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    I really don't know what to do. I actually got it working fine for a bit on the Vive Pro, but then when I went to a Nighttime race, everything was jagged and jittery.
    I had SteamVR SS at 100% and Per Application for Pcars2 at 100% as well. I bumped up the in-game SS in PCars2 up to 1.4 and it looked like it was working just right for daytime tracks, but once I ended up in a race in career mode that had to be during the nighttime, everything went to shit.

    I have a feeling that for the Vive Pro, there's no other choice than to go below 100% on the SteamVR Per Application SS, before you can increase the SS in PCars2 itself.

    I have a 1080Ti OC, i7 8700k @ 4.8 Ghz, 32gb ram, and running off an M2 SSD, and still can't get it as good as I had it on the Oculus Rift before.

    Truly sucks that iRacing and AC look better right now.
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