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Thread: Multiple Inputs Thrustmaster TS-PC Fanatec V3 Pedals

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    Multiple Inputs Thrustmaster TS-PC Fanatec V3 Pedals

    Hi All - Help Needed Please

    I have a TS-PC Thrustmaster wheel with Fanatec V3 pedals. Platform is PC.

    Works fine on a couple of other platforms.

    Game wants to use same input for steer right & throttle.
    When I first accessed the controller screen it recogises the correct wheel, pedals are separate. Wheel calibrates fine but at this stage doesn't calibrate pedals
    When I first go to edit assignments it is as follows
    Steer Left Joy Axis -X
    Steer Right Joy Axis +X
    Throttle Joy Axis -RZ
    Brake Joy Axis -Y

    With these current setting there is no throttle when i go to a race.

    When I edit the throttle assignment it wants to use the same input as Steer Right +X but then it allows me to calibrate the pedals where it didn't whilst being -RZ. The throttle cuts out as soon as I turn right.

    I did notice in the Thrustmaster control panel page that for combined pedals for "Gas" it has an Axis of RZ. The pedal section is ticked as separate.

    To date I have
    uninstalled & reinstalled game
    Deleted controller settings file & started game back up numerous time
    Have Pedals as separate in game / tried as combined as well in game
    Tried different USB ports

    Many thanks

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    delete the controller config.

    start the game, check it's picked the correct wheel, set seperate pedals and assign throttle, brake and clutch...

    Don't calibrate, just try driving.

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