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Thread: Qualifying is ruining my Career Mode

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    I think it has to be specific circumstances where this bug happens. I'm currently going through career (only done Ginetta junior, GT5, Caterham SP300R and now Formula C) and haven't stumbled upon this yet. Then again, most of the time there's only about a minute or so left of Qualifying when I skip to the end. Perhaps that's the thing?

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    bmaniac, probably. Maybe a minute isn't enough for an entire lap so the other cars can't beat you. I can also confirm that this doesn't happen every time for me as well, but when it does, the time differences are ridiculous.
    Just for fun, i lowered the AI difficulty and aggressiveness, and did a qualify run.. after 7 laps, P2 was 1 minute behind me.. i skipped to the end and got last position, 27 seconds behind P1 . On the race, i got 1st again, 30 seconds ahead of P2.

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