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Thread: Voice control mod [UPDATED v2.1]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gix916 View Post
    this looks like a very useful app but I use a seperate numpad as a pretend button box so have all my functions on those keys. Is there any way to alter the profile to use different keys?

    edit: had another read thru here, I'd only want this to do the Tyre, Fuel & Damage functions of the ICM. (The changing the Brake Bias/ARBs I can easily do manualy without he need to use the ICM).

    so will this work if I only assign the ICM navigation keys as per your profile?
    Only assign what you want to use and that's fine. As long as you aren't trying to trigger voice commands that you don't have mapped there will be no issue.
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    Thanks a Million for this, it is brilliant and much appreciated, though it is very hard to find as I've come across it by accident from searching the web (I usually search via YouTube).
    Again, thanks, all the best to you and my your tyres always grip like $#it to a Blanket.

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