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    The Chaos Wizards - Project CARS 2 Modding Group

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    Hello again. I might be familiar, let's skip that. If you're wandering what happened to Machine Dojo Modding Team, it kind of crashed and burned due to me. But oh well, we are here now and ready to go. I'm here as a completely fresh person and I have teamed up with two modelers to bring more cars to Project CARS 2. Now, we have a certain statement we want to raise with SMS. After trying to contact them and not receiving a reply directly or through any of the moderators (not mad, I know you guys are busy), I decided to go public with this and show what we are working on so people can be excited and hopefully change SMS's mind when it comes to modding. Right now, we can put new cars into the game. But not perfectly like we could with Project CARS 1. Right now, we cannot release any work without opening up the game to everyone who downloads it and allowing them to ability to hack, cheat and get DLC for free. We don't want this as much as SMS doesn't. So we want what we had with the first game and some communication from SMS. If you give us the same options as last time, while giving us some simple info privately, we can happily add more content to the game, without damaging DLC sales, letting people cheat and so on.

    SMS, we would love to communicate with you about this and hope we can come to a happy medium.

    The two cars below are being modelled by a genius named Yatsu. He started out as a stand out Trackmania 2 modder, and has moved on to creating incredible concepts and modelling cars in incrdebible detail. His own creation, the Ferrari RXX-LM (name pending) will come in two forms, a High Downforce and Low Downforce option, for either those long high speed races, or the tight and twisty circuits.

    The other car, also being modelled by Yatsu, is of course, the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Aston's brand new hypercar set to destroy all road car track records. Unfortunately, due to lack of info on the car and it's physical appearance not being fully revealed yet, we will have to wait until everything sis available to us to complete the model. But it will come, don't worry.

    Our other modeller, VaporOne, is modelling another car behind the scenes, and will be revealed soon. But here's a clue. IF the makers had enough cash, the F1 GTR, CLK GTR, and 911 GT1, could have had another contender.

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    2018 Ferrari RXX-LM - Low Downforce

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    2018 Ferrari RXX-LM - High Downforce

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    2018 Aston Martin Valkyrie

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    2018 Apollo IE

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    P.S. On mobile, this post looks a bit funky, I know. Look at it on a PC
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