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Thread: Quit current championship?

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    Quit current championship?

    How the heck do you quite a championship and go back to try another? I'm finding some cars pretty much undriveable using a controller and find out the hard way when I start a championship. All I want to do is quit out and start another. It must be possible? Cheers

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    Go to the MANAGE DRIVERS on the CAREER screen and delete your name from the list or make a new driver on the tab above that
    You can have up to five driver profiles active at any one time.
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    I wouldn’t do that unless your at the beginning of your arc. If you are well into you championships tier 2 or 1 I would just suffer through it- set AI to 0 and set decel diffs up to lock fo added stability.

    My favorites so far. Sportcar, GT4, super trofeo, RS01, Indy, lmp3, tier 2 RX in VW was pretty good though wasn’t a fan of
    Hock RX track

    Ones I had issues with GT3, endurance both times I did it I did LMP, once Toyota and next audi. Struggled with setup bug, and spin outs, the c proto was good for a couple of races and then started doing the same as endurance - but they are real cars so I was able to manage it. Wasn’t a fan of formula x it was ok (needed it for triple crown)
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    One option is to just keep retiring from races then skipping to end until you inevitably fail the championship, and thus the season. That'll take you back to series selection within your current tier.
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