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Thread: [PS4] Patch 2.0 Discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daz555 View Post
    I have a found a bug recently with the setup of T300 wheel with the T3PA pedals. I use the brake mod so you don't use the full 100% of travel. I have it setup so about 40% of travel gives me 100% braking force. However, on some random days when I load up the game even touching the brake slightly results in full braking force. It is like the pedal has become binary. I then need to go in to settings, re-calibrate the pedal and go back to playing.
    I have something similar but I am not sure if this is a bug. I have a T300 with G25 pedals. Once I join a race, I make sure I depress all pedals to the floor a few times while in the menus and then again when I go and practice. That will set the limits again without having to re-calibrate. If I don't, the brake and gas are extremely sensitive until they are fully depressed.

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    You need to press all pedals before you start the game
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    Hi SMS,

    I am a big fan of pc and I own pc2 since it was launched. But what I really want to know if you can provide me with an estimation when the game for PS4 PRO is near completion. At the moment career mode formula a and most other clases are unplayable and the major issue is that the cars keep oversteering with default settings and technically pc1 looks and plays way better for some reason. I will give a summary of the issues I discovered which you might already be aware of:

    -Blue artifacts showing up on california highway with thunder storm left from the startline
    -Intro and in game movies are way to bright and choppy
    -Graphics needs to be tweaked (resolution blurry, viewing distance, rain looks like raining fogg not dynamic, missing realism,
    -Default setting overall in the game not correct especially car tuning setup (spinning out/oversteer)

    What I am missing in pc 1 and 2:

    -Rain on the windscreen not dynamic effected by gforces when taking corners

    I trust in you guys to fix the bugs and hope to hear from you guys soon.

    Kind regards,

    Duncan Banks

    My setup:

    PS4 PRO
    Thrustmaster t150
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