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Thread: [XB1] Patch 2.0 Discussion thread

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    Tyre weirdness in career Group A.
    This is at least in part reported, but still: Career Group A, BMW M3 at Oschersleben B course, dry conditions, track and ambient temp around 24 deg C. I struggled in practice, tyres (slick) squeling and screaming through every corner, losing grip and spinning out. Car is generally unstable, I had be reeeeeally easy on throttle in corner exits. I'm 2-3 seconds off the pace. Changed to wet, and voila! Suddenly I'm beating the AI easily. No tyre squeal, car is stable, easy to drive.
    So I qualified on wets, got pole with 2 seconds. Time to race. Still on wet. Now the tyres are preheated before the race, but wets are heated to 90 degrees, thus overheating and losing grip because of this.

    Should wets really be preheated to ~90 degrees C?
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