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Thread: Blurred Vr (Oculus)

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    I get shimmering effect with strength=0.6. Is this normal? Should I go lower?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steph280 View Post
    I get shimmering effect with strength=0.6. Is this normal? Should I go lower?
    Try it. What value are running your SS at? It seems that SS and sharpening are somewhat inversely related.

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    Hi All, I'm running a Dell Visor with with I'm reasonbly happy with, the one problem I still experience is blurred graphics particularly looking down the track towards approaching corner. Armco barriers shimmering under certain weather conditions are also a big problem in PC2. Other than those areas the cockpit etc is absolutely fantastic and more than happy with my headset.Now I've followed this thread and trawled through it time and time again and can't seem to find a definitive summary of how to improve things, there's bits here and there and I've tried various combinations of solutions but not really getting any noticable improvement to the blurred track. The one thing that has made a difference is the use of sharpening parameters however I'm still seeing blurred graphics as I look down the track at the approaching corner, anything say 30-50m in front of car is perfectly clear. I have also tried Jonah's tweaks and played around with the various in-game graphics/vr settings but I'm still not convinced I'm running the correct combination of settings. Can anyone provide advice on how to set all the various configs in conjunction with each other (e.g. if I use sharpening should I also apply Jonah's tweaks?). Granted the VR hardware needs to improve before all image quality issues are resolved in future however the bluriness I experience is only present in PC2 and not AC/IRacing/Dirt Rally. Would appreciate any advice, just seems to me that something isn't right with VR in this game compared to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoof View Post
    I have been trying various settings for days now without much luck ..
    what settings are people using to get a best picture and performance in vr ?

    My current problems are a blurred image (compared to other vr games ) frame stutter and a strange flash every now and then like lightning strikes but not related to weather settings.
    Im using a 1080ti intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-7700k (4.2GHz) 8MB Cache.
    Thought this game was gonna be optimized for vr but so far PC 1 performs better ....... 😐
    you need to use old driver 382.53-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql

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