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Thread: New Group C Tire (Patch 2.0)?

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    New Group C Tire (Patch 2.0)?

    I noticed that Group C cars (not the Nissan GTP) have this new tire called "Comp." It felt really weird in the 962 short tail. It clipped in all the corners but felt VERY nice under braking. What is this new tire?

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    That tire is more or less an Easter egg. It is less grip than the default tire, so not really a competitive alternative. It is a different way of parameterizing the tire model, mainly for some lower grip fun vintage tires at first. But, as you say, the braking difference is so big (and some other organic life like things), that it went into some "empty tire slots" some cars have.

    My favorite of these is Sport on the F Renault.

    Also, none of the cars have has FFB default scale adjusted for these. FFB is dialed for the mainline tires. So you'll have to dial volume here and there for these if on RAW.

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