Quick Race
Default date
10mins qualifying
One weather slot (default, light cloud?)
Formula A
Untouched default setup

I messed up part way through the qualifying session and smashed into a barricade, serious damage to car.
Clicked "Returned to pits" option.
Set off from pits, but my tyres were all cold, ~35C IIRC, instead of being pre-heated. Very unstable at normal corner speeds for most of first lap.

When I attempted a 44-lap race earlier, with real-time weather progression (rain to hazy), at least the first set of replacement wet tyres I was given had very little grip to begin with (I pitted mainly to replace the front wing damage caused by those fictitious corner cones I hate with a passion, but also refreshed tyres at same time). I forgot to check actual temperatures by switching HUD details using left-POV switch.

Anyone else experiencing similar issue?