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Thread: Bug Report: Car selection in Multiplayer lobby

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    Bug Report: Car selection in Multiplayer lobby


    I was host and we had street A as class and server config "Same class". My friend can only choose from GT3 class.

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    There are some bugs related to chaning the car selection as a host.
    In most of my private MP-Sessions we had issues when the host changed the class selection, this was replicable almost every time. Now after the patch we also have to restart the game to fix it, before rejoining the lobby was enough.

    Steps to replicate:
    - Set up private (passworded) Lobby
    - Start Race and finish it
    - go back to lobby and change the vehicle class selection
    Most of the guys in the lobby (not the host) will have "flashing" changing livery selections (from the view of the host) and still have the wrong old car on their screen.
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    Had this same issue on a non private RWB dedicated server session as well.
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    We have our dedicated server configured to only allow LMP2, GTE and GT3. Before the patch, it worked almost every time. Since the patch, the entire garage is now available for selection, as though the server were set to allow ALL classes.
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    here is a video of one of the new lobby issues

    Car was changed to the rs1600
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