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Thread: FPS dips at corners

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manwith Noname View Post
    If you're on VR, try something above 90 fps. (edit: with regard to the -fpscap command)

    I suspect the problem relates to frame pacing. Without the launch command, the game probably renders frames as quickly as it can then moves on to the next one. When doing this, the frames that get displayed may be variable in how long ago it was drawn, this can result in the moving image not appearing smoothly. By setting the fps cap, the game probably determines how often it should draw a frame, so the interval between those frames being rendered and displayed becomes constant, providing the machine is capable of meeting that time requirement. This will result in the moving image being perceived smoother.
    As I rarely reach 90fps (ie. plays around 75-88fps mostly, and 90fps like 10% of the time only), should capping still be useful?
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    I had the problem you're talking about,i'm using a vive and running on a 1080ti.
    I love the nordschleife but the first time i tried the track i had a jitter in certain corners or approaching corners,lowering the graphics settings didn't help either.
    The only thing that cured the problem was using always on reprojection in open vr advanced settings and turning off allow asynchronous reprojection in steam vr settings.
    You could also try turning off vsync in project cars 2 if the above doesn't work.
    Also don't worry about using always on reprojection,it doesn't mean you're running at a constant 45fps.
    good luck,it is a great game in vr when it's running properly.

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    With the new driver I've got more performance. Before I had to "-skipcrowds" to get smooth turns at Long Beach. Now I can leave crowds activated and everything is smooth.
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