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Thread: Porsche Cayman GT4 sound

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    Porsche Cayman GT4 sound

    This has bothered me since launch. Do you think the sound of the GT4 Porsche Cayman is ok? Firstly, to me it doesn't sound like a Porsche at all, secondly it sounds like the engine was placed inside a pot. No matter which camera view I use the sound of the car seems weird, and it's really annoying. I'd like to race in it but the sound makes me uncomfortable. Is it realistic in this game or is it one of the sounds to be patched?
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    I think it is a bit off too. I've seen these cars run IRL, and it is not the same sound. It's not game breaking by any means, but it is off. Still a really fun car to rip around in.
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    I've been in gt4's plenty of times on track and the road.
    (missing a track day today at snett )
    Anyway, I'll happily record some sound for a comparison.
    There are quite a few cars which I think the sound certainly needs updating (once some other issues are sorted first).
    A lot of them don't feel like they are approaching their real limiters, and I can hear some odd phasing issues in a few too (r8 gt3 24hr car for example).

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    I drove the 718 S and I actually find the GT4 PCARS2 version quite representative

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