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Thread: Will Mods.txt be a thing?

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    Well, we're currently lacking someone who knows how to code in Python and is willing to adapt existing code of crowtrobot's tool v0.97 (that was the last version without mods.txt) for PC2.

    I was talking with one guy who knows Python, but he isn't familiar with how the tool worked and he preferred trying a different style, but this is not worth the hassle IMO because the adaptations to PC1 v0.97 should be rather small - if you know where to do those.

    (Those changes would also be necessary if mods.txt was already there for PC2, so mods.txt would not automatically make v0.98 work for PC2 - no big difference in "porting" v0.97 without mods.txt to PC2 or porting v0.98 with mods.txt to PC2)

    If you know someone who fits into this profile, please tell him to get in touch with me =)

    (Unfortunately crowtrobot himself isn't available for that task for now for real life reasons)
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