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Thread: Will Mods.txt be a thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewy32 View Post
    The one workaround for people who run say a GT3 League,is you create a livery pack with one livery for each car.This means they can be sort of custom , at the very least, you could put (in your case Stocky) PRD logos onto the car, and let the people driving it vote for the paint scheme they want on it.

    So for example, if 3 people used the Acura(unlikely), and 1 wanted it black and 2 wanted it orange with a pink stripe, you would make it orange with a pink stripe, although potentially a slight compromise.

    Or we could just race in ACC. Kunos said they are going to offer custom liveries. Or AMS. Or RF2. Or in AC.

    Mods. AC AMS rf2 arma 3 skyrim

    No mods. pcars pcars 2 squad dayz

    Look at the difference in concurrent players between games that allow mods and don't allow mods. The only thing that's boosting populations in the unmodded games are dlc/patches dropped by the devs. Then the populations slowly drop off. But if you notice when a community is open to modding, the community grows due to the heaps of fresh content and camaraderie.

    I'm not asking for work to be done to allow track and car mods. Just mods.txt... you know that thing that was in pcars 1.

    There's a direct correlation between grid sizes in league races and racer retainment across the season and whether or not we have league wide custom skin packs. Give me such pride to race in a crappy skin I made LOL
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    Ok. Its right, leagues want custom skins, as it adds immersion.
    Unfortunately, mods like mods.txt are'nt now or will not be added in the future.

    But if YOU really want it, i don't understand why you don't do it the old way.
    Sure its much more work, and its not so easy, but if you really want it, stop whining arround and either start with
    the modsystem thats beeing discussed currently at race department ( not 100% but near ) or
    create your own bff's with exchanged skinfiles.
    Both are not as easy to handle like mods.txt, but there is a way. Defenitely.

    Sorry to say.
    Every car could be a race car, as long as you have the balls to drive it like that !

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    You could have easily made your point without accusing those that posted of being whiners.

    Your post would have been meaningful, instead it just turned into an attack.

    Sorry to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by satco1066 View Post
    Ok. Its right, leagues want custom skins, as it adds immersion.
    Unfortunately, mods like mods.txt are'nt now or will not be added in the future.

    Sure its much more work, and its not so easy, but if you really want it, stop whining arround

    Sorry to say.
    The amount of effort people have to go through to effectively crack this game open and IMPROVE IT is absurd. I'm surprised people are doing it; rewarding this community with people like you with an awesome tool like that.

    The game doesn't even work the way it's supposed to. Just yesterday, the game didn't load my setup mid quali session because I failed to remember to hit "tuning setup" and let it load before exiting it and going back out. So, it put me on softs and gave me a full tank. Like... quality. We have to do manual formation laps on lap one because the AI drivers will DESTROY the cars. People can't join with less than 3 minutes left in the session for some reason. Hot swapping drivers doesn't work. etc etc.

    I don't wanna speak for everyone here, but for me, I flipped a coin with little research done between PCARS and AC. Didn't take me long to figure out I chose the wrong one, but by then I found a bunch of cool guys and founded a league. The fun of racing with them out weighed the BS of dealing with this franchise.

    I was holding onto a small nugget of hope that mods.txt would be released one day, praying to the racing gods at sms to allow us the small, puny honour of releasing a livery pack again, maybe as a reward for staying loyal to this franchise across games and dumping the full 120 dollar pre-order LOL. Meanwhile, I look around to other communities, and they are all doing it no problem with custom helmets, gloves and driver suits as well.

    The number one thing that frustrates me in life is lost potential. And not releasing mods.txt is losing a bunch of it. It's also a stupid business decision. It's clear SMS is focussed on the console crowd. Not allowing mods, as shown above by data, kills the chance of growing a community over time.

    Oh I almost forgot... Sorry to say
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    Welp looks like the only hope for mods.txt is in Project Cars Go.
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    I know some may argue me, but to me Pcars 2 is worse than 1.
    I pre-ordered the game, expecting it to be a level upper than 1, but after a year it's more disappointment than happiness.

    Physic-wise, I don't know, since I never have driven a real race car;
    Graphic-wise, yeah it looks nicer than the old game, people love to take screenshots;

    but most importantly, Pcars2 failed as a game. Now it has been released for 1 year and 1 day, there are still plenty of glitches that affects users' gaming experience regularly, i.e. wheel disconnection right before race; then you have bunch of community moderators who are handing out yellow card for constructive suggestions; and no basic league-racing support.
    I know 1 has been out longer so the bugs are fixed, plus some features the game lacks can be added through mods.txt, but still 2 is disappointing.

    idk If the developers ever thought this way:
    Why rFactor 2 has a very outdated main menu, below today average graphics, requires to build dedicated server in order to multiplayer, but still being popular;
    Why Assetto Corsa is older than Pcars1, have bad "pHySiCs", average graphics but worse than Pcars2, also requires to build dedicated server in order to multiplayer, but still being popular;

    I can't stand for all, but one thing others have but Pcars lacks is league-racing support.

    If Pcars series is heading into the direction of Forza Motorsports, where people just go online casually, race against each other, try hard to get higher license points, then call a day after a few games…… I'm fine with no league racing support if Pcars is meant to be that;

    Yeah I know Pcars2 has a director mode, it's horrible too. Broadcaster have to join before lobby starts; the info box on bottom right has random bug that not showing anything or spamming fastest lap time info; only 1 set of track-side camera……
    (and yeah that league setting function that I barely seen anyone use)
    and that's all Pcars2 has for league racing support.

    Let's put every competitor's personal custom livery aside for a few second.

    Both Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 has dedicated server plugin that can manipulate the grid. That saves a lot of time for reverse grid racing, or grid based on point standings.
    What do we have in Pcars then? I have been in multiple Pcars' "Officially Affiliated Leagues" such as Revolution Sim Racing and Apex Online Racing, where they has to take 5 minutes or one lap off the race time to let moderators call out the grid then form up in order to achieve reverse grid racing.

    Then back onto personal custom liveries.
    Kinda funny that Pcars forum has a custom livery section, but only allowing one custom livery per car in game.
    And plus other people has to download your livery from somewhere else in order to see it.

    I can understand that mods.txt has a downside where people can make bad mods. This has been a excuse for several similar circumstances.
    At least leave a door for multiple custom liveries.
    List me several reasons how custom livery can damage Pcars' reputation.
    If the reasons are legit, I'll accept the fact;
    If you moderators can't, then please open it up.
    I'm not a coding nerd. I'm tired of this complicated livery-install procedure that almost looks like cracking the game. And I believe others do too.

    I really want my money back now, but it has been a year and steam won't
    Sorry to say.
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    You all can thank 1185323118 and Synystr for getting this thread closed.
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