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Thread: How to setup camber?

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    How to setup camber?

    So, I guess there is no "minimum camber exploit" in this game. That said, how do you go about setting up camber? Keep the outer tyre temp close to the inner? There seems to be only very marginal differences when I change camber. Is there some othe way you use ?

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    Hi Celebdactyl, welcome. The new tire model is more realistic so you have to use camber adjustments to regain some of the grip which is no longer available. The defaults are a good guide to what you need to start with, vary from track to track, car to car. I notice the handling difference when I change camber, to me it's one of the more impactful changes to make when tuning a car. When you look at the shared setups what are others doing with camber adjustments to the car you want to drive? The is a massive thread about tire temperatures on this page already.

    Also, you might want to keep track of this thread, not on camber yet but other things might interest you.
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