When driving at the Silverstone GP track (it caught my attention especially there as those are the corners I usually check my mirrors for competitors after corner exit and down the straight) there are several areas with completely missing textures / invisible textures in the rear view mirror.
Especially the entire section after T1 through the 2nd gear right hander, through the left hand hairpin and down the straight shows several times missing textures in the rear view mirror.

Essentially the ground disappears with the respective textures popping out of view while other objects at same distance are still perfectly in view.

The other major issue is the detail of the rear view mirrors.
- no or insufficient antialiasing (even with high detail mirror option set to on) will remove jagged lines - mirrors do look VERY low resolution
I tried several combinations of AA settings in the game and played over or even enforced through the driver settings - none could remove the issues.

I have tested these issues in lowest and highest detail settings in the game - there is no setting that will cure these issues.

Are there any INI file settings we have accessible to further adjust for these issues?