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Thread: Custom Grid Tool 2 - Custom Grids for Solo Quick Race

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparviero1978 View Post
    Thanks, I've read the post but doesnt works, neither directly or with new shortcut.
    It doesn't work with me either, the exe doesn't even flash a cmd prompt window like the other versions. I remove everything in the mods and the python folder too just to be on the safe side. Lemme try again. WRONG My bad. The .exe is here Steam\steamapps\common\Project CARS 2\MODS\Custom Grid Tool V0.991.17\python\customeGripApp and it works fine
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    First of all i want to thank you for this awesome tool! Makes single quick races so much more fun ^^
    Now to my point. i noticed that Ford Mustang rtr fd is listed twice in the list. They are the same car if you put them both on.
    What is missing from the list is Ford Bronco Brocky. Would be cool if you could fix this. ^^

    Thx again for this awesome tool^^ keep up with the good work.

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    I'm working on a utility to simulate Championship based on CUSTOM GRID TOOL 2 CFG files.
    The utility is based on liveries and uses images created by Chawabax:

    If anyone is interested can download the ChampionshipUtility program ( for test only ) here:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Champ.jpg 
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Size:	88.1 KB 
ID:	262146

    The program does not alter any project cars 2 files and requires some manual work.

    1) Create your own custom grid using different liveries that are easy to recognize.
    2) Save the grid (.CFG file)
    3) Open Championship Utility
    4) Create new Championship
    File / New
    Enter Name
    Select CFG file (Custom Grid CFG file)
    Set Numbers of round
    Select Points System
    Click Save

    5) Open Project Cars 2
    Play your (Custom Class) Race
    Save race result (Print Screen - F12 steam screenshot)
    Enter race position in Championship Utility Grid (Round 1)
    Click Save

    Repeat point 5 for the next rounds...

    At the moment it works with the classes LMP2016, LMP1, LMP2, LMP3, LMP900, GROUP C, GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4
    but it is possible to download and import (renaming) the images of the other classes of Chawabax.

    Is possible that some liveries are missing or some other mismatch.

    Thanks to:
    crowtrobot & JDougNY for the Custom Grid Tool 2

    breyzipp for Full car list spreadsheet

    Chawabax for the Official pictures
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    Hi, I've got a strange problem. I used this mod for months, but recently I found 2 unselected cars in each grid I load... it seems that these two cars are stuck in the memory of the game.

    Thus, I can load stock grid configuration without grid mod (and the 2 cars are not loaded if the specific class was not selected), but every custom grid I load, the 2 cars are in the grid.

    Thanks for help.

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    Look for the folders that contain the two cars in:
    Steam\steamapps\common\Project CARS 2\Vehicles

    Check if folder contains 3 files with .bakcg extension

    Delete .crd and .rcf files
    Rename .bakcg files (delete, from the file name, the ".bakcg" part)

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    This new version doesn’t seem to work with any of the DLCs - Spirit of Le Mans, Ferrari or Porsche packs.

    Edit: a re-validation of the files in Steam fixed this, but this version of the tool, somehow stops the game being showed in my Rift!
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