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Thread: Porsche Cayman GT4 - same setup, different track, completely different behaviour

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    Porsche Cayman GT4 - same setup, different track, completely different behaviour

    Hi all,

    I'm just now having issues with the Cayman GT4. At first I thought it was the update, which messed with my setup, but it seems that's not the case.

    Here's my issue. Some time ago I did the Europe GT4 season in career with the Cayman. Lovely stable car and easy to go fast.
    In a different career I'm doing the US GT4 season, with the same Cayman. On the first track, which is COTA (Circuit Of The Americas) the car is an oversteery mess. Lighting up tires on fast 4th gear turns and seems to be very loose when compared to my previous experience.

    I went back to Catalunya, to test my setup again and it worked perfectly. I rechecked all the setup details and all was correct.

    Any similar issues encountered by fellow pCARS2 players? Or any idea how to fix the problem?

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    did you have your setup saved to "All Tracks" or just to Catalunya? unless you have a saved setup for a track it will load the Loose setup as default.

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    It might be track condition. Try a different set of tires, different pressure.

    I do not remember if the default setup of a car is different from track to track (I've heard of that somewhere before the release), you might want to check if the tuning is the same on both tracks.

    Also, I went to Long Beach, online, with the Cayman. I could feel all the bumps into the steering, it was a mess, barely driveable. It just needed a little suspension fix, but tuning was disabled, and the default one just wasn't fitting the track at all.
    I guess the Cayman is very influenced by the track itself.

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    No issues here, Just completed full Cayman Cup and now in gt4 International. Perfect. Best car for me right now.

    Just Need to put soft tyres on cause in career is It always cold.
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    i have found the Cayman to be loose on most tracks using hard slicks but once the tires warm up, the car is okay. It's still loose but will hold on. I've tired to load the default stable tune as well as the loose tune. I've loaded the stable tune again and then edited it playing with camber and tire pressure with little effect. I've tried to lower rebound damping in the rear and losening rear ABR. I've lowered spring tension as well as made coast diff settings. i can't figure out out how to tune the mid corner over steer out of the car. (I have been able to make the car not turn in on entry or under steer at exit, but can't rid of the mid corner rear end slide.) ...(I've been deleting the old tune for each change and creating a new one so that I only have one tune as I understand there might be a bug that only allows you to keep one tune and won't allow you to overwrite it.)

    So I basically went back to the standard stable tune and got used to the weird handling. However, the strangest part is that when it rains and you put on rain tires, the car is much more stable! Its been super easy to drive in wet conditions! I tried the soft slicks and they have tons more grip allowing the rear end to hold on better! In fact they have so much grip that I would have to re-tune the car to allow it to turn through the corners. ...i'd go ahead and do this except on the one track I tried the softs, I heated the tires up so much that I almost didn't last the race. I had to slow to a crawl and risk the AI getting by me in order to nurse them to the finish. (It might have been on COTA??)

    I guess I find it weird that the hard slicks have less grip than the rain tires. (rain tires are likely softer compound for the colder conditions so that might provide higher grip levels, but they are groved tires. And even if they are softer, the slick conditions surly would create less grip than hard slicks on dry pavement. no?

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    I've started running soft slick no matter what track I am on. It suits my driving at the moment The temperature on the track differs and make your handling of the car different..

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    You may be suffering from the true beauty of this sim. Different weather conditions, different road surface conditions, different results from the same setup.

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