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Thread: Older Cars (GTO/Group C/etc) Default Tire

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    Older Cars (GTO/Group C/etc) Default Tire

    Going to post about this while it's still fresh in my mind.

    Why exactly do the older cars in the GTO/Group C/Group 5/etc classes always default to the soft slick? It's a fine tire for setting a quick lap or two but is absolutely gone by the 10th lap or so making it ill suited for racing. On top of that, I thought the general theme was to default to hard slicks (as with the GT3/GTE/etc) as that's what would be raced on in real life? It's not game-breaking by any means but it is slightly annoying (to me at least) as I prefer to just jump in and 'go' instead of mucking around with car settings.

    Don't mean to come off as edgy. Just genuinely curious if this was an intentional decision or just a minor oversight.
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    Not sure when or if this will happen, but SMS is looking into defaulting the tire based on ambient & track temperature (which is the most effective way to do it).
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