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Thread: Assassins Creed - Origins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olijke Poffer View Post
    Lol. The bleu ones I do sell. The purple and golden not although to keep them up with your own level is a costly business.
    I do not have enhough money to upgrade them everytime and no money at all to buy a chest.
    During leveling I would not waste drachmas on keeping your gear up to your level. If you visit Reda daily you will get an on-level item. And it doesn't really hurt to use a weapon that is a bit below your level, the level scaling in this game isn't as drastic as in other games. Just keep the legendaries, even the low ones you outlevelled. Since they might be very powerful at level 40 later. One of the best end-game bows in the game (Jackhal's Gaze) has been a level 15 warrior bow (upgraded to level 40) you got from a quest. But that quest loot has changed now, apparently Ubisoft said we weren't supposed to get the bow that way. So it will probably return later as a reward for something.
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    Ah ok, then I will be carfull with the weapon upgrades. I just sold the most weapons. The ones I never used. Except the legendary ones of course..
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    I only keep the legendary stuff... sell all the rest!
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