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Thread: Time Trial Stoopid Challenges

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    Race Report from Dubai.

    Another good turn out with 36 drivers. The Lotus and the track were a hard combo to get right and this resulted in the biggest spread of times I think we've ever seen, with a nearly 20 second gap between first and last. Also we were bailing out of 67% of laps that we started as compared to normally where it's about 30-40%.

    In League 1, e300vkb left it late, only getting the first place with an hour to go, Hasslemoff and Speckle getting 2nd and 3rd. League 1 spots are pretty much sorted going into the last race with e300vkb from Hasslemoff and Speckle, with andy_b and Twistygit heading down.
    In League 2, kev7whyte takes his second win on the trot, and himself and VampyrByte clear for the promotion slots. In the relegation area it's 2 from 3 between myself, Dpb1975 and tuomijr.
    In League 3, Sundaygloom and SniperAsh6 are well clear for promotion, Cxrodent and Kamikaze_Chris heading down.
    In League 4, RossinHD definitely promoted, but it's a lot tighter for the final slot between A_Chalk_Outline, molineux1980 and oldmodelt.
    In the Handicapped Championship, A_Chalk_Outline wins the race but kev7whyte keeps the lead overall.
    In the Ballast Championship, it's e300vkb out in front, but Born2BSlow could nick it yet carrying less ballast into the final race.
    In the Team Championship, The Brake Dancers, after a few team member tweakages, have seemingly found the dream team and have won 3 on the trot and look unbeatable for the championship.

    Final race of the Season is Bathurst (wahoo) in a Ford Falcon (hmmm, not so sure)

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    Quote Originally Posted by inthebagbud View Post
    no problem but be warned once you open up the lapupdater and join your seriously lost so say goodbye to your loved ones
    Got it working, yes it is excellent. Thanks Mr slow burn.
    Cockpit view. 32 inch distance to 58 inch 4k HDR TV. Proper fov, 78. World movement 30, all other camera movement, 0. G920, shifter, Raw, 100, 40-60, 50, 0. Assists, all off. Currently play 90-120/100 AI. 10-20 lap quick races, some tt. Decent hifi, big speakers. Home made rig.
    You Tube Channel, recording my attempts to beat the AI at 120/100.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaskarspants View Post
    Got it working, yes it is excellent. Thanks Mr slow burn.
    See you out on track championship 19 is up so plenty to go at
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    End of Championship Report.

    It's a dominant League Championship win for e300vkb with Hasslemoff hanging onto 2nd from Speckle.
    Djbuzz07 wins the Handicapped Championship, jumping ahead of kev7whyte in the final race, e300vkb takes 3rd.
    In the Ballast Championship, Born2BSlow takes the victory with a great final race, e300vkb and Teamsreth take the final honours.
    In the Team Championship, The Brake Dancers are completely dominant, with Skiidmarks and The Bandicoots making up the numbers.

    It is with great regret that I have to demote the almost invincible sean_d under no-show rules, but hopefully he'll be back soon and be a bit more careful on a bleeding snowboard from now on. Twistygit and andy_b go down to League 2.
    VampyrByte, kev7whyte and grandadjim (only just on countback) go up to League 1. The demotion battle was mad, I clocked up 600 attempted laps trying to avoid it, went off to table tennis on Wednesday night as a relegated man, came back and somehow other people's lap times had got me out of jail. Anyway, in the end, it's myrdo and Dpb1975 who go down to League 3
    SniperAsh6, Sundaygloom and StanvanAsten go up to League 2 and Kamikaze_Chris and Cxrodent go down to League 4.
    Munchie, A_Chalk_Outline and molineux1980 (again in countback) go up to League 3.

    Some stats for you for the championship.

    10444 laps completed.
    13674 miles completed, and we've now broken my Google Maps from here to here measurement as we've gone over half way around the world!

    After all that preamble it's on to the main event, the Stoopid Challenges Alternative Awards, like the Oscars but without the sparkly dresses, well I'm presuming so, but who am I to judge.

    The "Might be getting a bit obsessed" award with 1479 laps completed is kev7whyte (first time anyone has gone over 1000)
    The "I hate that effing Race Director" award with 580 invalid laps is kev7whyte
    The "Need for Speed" award for the top maximum speed is A_Chalk_Outline with 195.20 mph in a Lotus Type 98T Renault Turbo
    The "Mr Cautious" award for most use of the brakes is King-Kodiak at Knockhill - International Reverse
    The "Heavy Right Foot" award for most use of the accelerator is sean_d at Ruapuna Park Outer Loop
    The "Yank it baby" award for most use of the wheel is e300vkb at Dubai Autodrome - GP
    The "Flappy Lips" award for most posts in the chatroom during the championship is Speckle with 66 posts
    The "I love that Restart button" award for most laps started is kev7whyte with 2618
    The "Quest for perfection" award for bailing out of laps is Maskmagog with only 7.9% of laps started actually completed
    The "Ploughing on Regardless" award for keeping on going is Katana_Blade who completed 85.9% of the laps he started

    Come join us for the new season at, all formats PC/PS4/XBox

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    Race Report from Barcelona.

    One of our better combos with a nice and healthy 37 people taking part, and it's e300vkv that takes the win by 0.008 from Born2BSlow. Those 2 were a good half a second ahead of the rest with Speckle leading the chasing pack.

    So, in League 1 we have e300vkb from Born2BSlow and Speckle, down at the bottom we have MacLean and grandadjim.
    League 2 leaders are inthebagbud and tuomijr, with a couple of notable no-shows andy_b and TrigL.
    League 3 we have myrdo making a bid to come straight back up to League 2 and King-Kodiak, Masquerada down at the bottom and Katana-Blade as a no-show.
    League 4, we have new joiner pmjg66 with avery quick time, he'll be moving up quickly from Rob.

    In the handicapped championship we have a very strong first race by garyellerby and relatively new joiner Zask takes 2nd as his handicap kicks in.
    The Ballast championship isn't interesting yet as it's just the first race before ballast gets applied.
    The team championship sees the Brake Dancers well ahead, Speckle has built a formidable team there. If anyone wants to try and build a team to be beat them please join in, you need to be a VIP member to set up the team and then you can pick anyone to join your team.

    I think that's about it, next race is at Mojave in a Ford Fusion Stockcar, could be interesting....
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