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Thread: Time Trial Stoopid Challenges

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    End of Championship Report

    League 1: Winner e300vkb, old-chad 2nd and Zask 3rd
    League 2: Winner Maskmagog
    League 3: Winner Raify

    Knockout Winner: e300vkb beats Maskmagog
    Handicapped: Winner chmashdejare, Raify 2nd and Djbuzz07 3rd
    Ballast: Winner e300vkb, Skinny 2nd and old-chad 3rd
    Team Championship: Winners Fast(ish) n Loud, 2nd The Bandicoots and The Brake Dancers 3rd
    Online: Winner Born2BSlow, Flagnag 2nd and Phat-Bud 3rd

    League 1: Relegated Born2BSlow, Skinny.
    League 2: Promoted Maskmagog, FTR mov. Demoted: PowderMonkey540, oldmodelt.
    League 3: Promoted Raify, Dpb1975

    Some stats for you for the championship.
    3,684 laps completed.
    6,577 miles completed

    And now the moment you've all been waiting for, The Stoopid Challenges Alternative Awards

    The "Might be getting a bit obsessed" award with 669 laps completed is old-chad
    The "I hate that effing Race Director" award with 312 invalid laps, is 4 times winner old-chad
    The "Need for Speed" award for the top maximum speed is old-chad, with 172.82 mph in a Dallara IR-12 Chevrolet (Road Course)
    The "Mr Cautious" award for most use of the brakes is Raify at Brands Hatch
    The "Heavy Right Foot" award for most use of the accelerator is Phat-Bud at Brands Hatch
    The "Yank it baby" award for most use of the wheel is old-chad at Brands Hatch
    The "I love that Restart button" award for most laps started, is old-chad with 3176 laps.
    The "Quest for perfection" award for bailing out of laps is Pac-Man292 with only 10.8% of laps started actually completed
    The "Ploughing on Regardless" award for keeping on going is Raify who completed 71.3% of the laps he started

    And drum roll please.......

    The "Flappy Lips" award for most posts in the chatroom during the championship, is Zask, just pipping Born2BSlow, it's just not his season.....

    And that concludes the old-chad awards again for this season :-)

    Come join us for the new season at, all formats PC/PS4/XBox

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    Quick report from Sakitto with the opening race of the season.
    Well, Jabbah is back with a vengeance, taking the win by 0.4 secs, followed by e300vkb, Zask and Shakey_Jake188. old-chad again giving it his all with 280 laps started.
    League 1, leaders as above, relegation zone has A_Chalk_Outline and FTR mov attempting his renowned promoted to League 1, straight back down again manoeuvre.
    League 2, Born2BSlow quickly in the lead in his attempt to return home to League 1, LazyTurtle 2nd. No shows from the American contingent, chmashdejare and dibs
    League 3, Shakey_Jake188 and Rakanishu2199 the early front runners.
    Handicapped championship has oldmodelt taking the first win.
    Team championship, no-show from PowderMonkey540 costs Fast(ish) n Loud (think he's gone for good, Born2BSlow, you might want to substitute him out) and The Bandicoots take a glorious victory.
    Knockout Championship starts in earnest this week.
    See you at the next race, Circuit of the Americas GP in a Ginetta G57
    PS, the IOS app isn't playing happily with IOS 14, I'm looking into it......
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    Quick report from Circuit of the Americas.
    This week it's e300vkb who takes the honours, beating Jabbah by 0.3 sec. old-chad the only other person within touching distance takes 3rd, everyone else at least a second behind.
    League 1, Jabbah and e300vkb joint top, A_Chalk_Outline gets an impressive 4th, pushing Maskmagog into the relegation zone with FTR mov.
    League 2, Born2BSlow 2 for 2 and well out in front already, then 5 of us within a point of 2nd place. chmashdejare and dibs (no-show) in the relegation zone.
    League 3, Rakanishu2199 gets the 10 points drawing level with Shakey_Jake188.
    Handicapped championship, Rakanishu2199 wins but it's Kuku Maddog out in front overall.
    Team championship, The Bandicoots take a glorious victory with Fast(ish) n Loud continuing to struggle.
    Knockout Championship, big shock as Jabbah goes out on a technicality (no laps logged via pclapupdater) to LazyTurtle, other highlights are Flagnag beating Zask, everything else went as expected.
    See you at the next race, Knockhill in a BMW M3 GT4 (E92)

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    There is indeed extra decimal places not displayed on the website, however unbelievably Pac-Man292 and e300vkb have clocked times identical to 5 decimal places, which is the same time to the nearest hundred thousandth of a second (odds of this slightly mitigated by Pac-Man292 entering the time manually to 3dp). I'm going to have to give the official win to Pac-Man292 as he got his time in the fewest laps completed, but well done the pair of you for a Stoopid Challenges first!

    It's time for the 'no-show' shuffle, only one this time, dibs, so Rakanishu2199 goes up to League 2.

    League 1. It's tight at the top with e300vkb just edging Jabbah, who is not helping himself by slowly destroying his driving rig one component at a time. FTR mov and Maskmagog cemented in the relegation slots.
    League 2. Born2BSlow still storming ahead, newly promoted Rakanishu2199 straight in at number 2, I sound like a Top of the Pops dj.
    League 3. DR1V3R pulls ahead, tight for the other promotion slot between Kuku Maddog and Shakey_Jake188

    Handicapped Championship. Pac-Man292 wins and Born2BSlow comes 2nd and goes to the top of the table.
    Ballast. Zask wins and tied at the top between Pac-Man292 and e300vkb
    Team Championship. The Bandicoots make it 3 out of 3
    Knockout. Flagnag beats Pac-Man292 slightly against the odds, giving us the following quarter finals. Born2BSlow vs Flagnag, e300vkb vs Kuku Maddog, LazyTurtle vs FTR mov and A_Chalk_Outline vs Rakanishu2199.

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