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Thread: Time Trial Stoopid Challenges

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    End of Championship Report

    League 1: Winner sean_d, Jabbah 2nd and e300vkb 3rd
    League 2: Winner Rakanishu2199
    League 3: Winner Dpb1975
    League 4: Winner Shadow_Racer

    Knockout Winner: sean_d beats Jabbah
    Handicapped: Winner Paicey09, Twistygit 2nd and Mr Stoopid 3rd
    Ballast: Winner sean_d, Jabbah 2nd and e300vkb 3rd
    Team Championship: Winners the Fast(ish) n Loud, The Bandicoots 2nd and The Brake Dancers 3rd
    Online: Winner sean_d, awittyusername 2nd and FTR mov 3rd


    League 1: Relegated sean_d (sabbatical), Maskmagog, Speckle.
    League 2: Promoted Rakanishu2199, zartherb, awittyusername. Demoted: Twistygit, Genetix604 (no-show).
    League 3: Promoted Dpb1975, Shoeshear, Matt S. Demoted GIONL, WashedSphinx512.
    League 4: Promoted Shadow_Racer, oldmodelt, ChiefyWho, Mushypee.

    Some stats for you for the championship.

    4,810 laps completed.
    8,633 miles completed

    And now the moment you've all been waiting for, The Stoopid Challenges Alternative Awards

    The "Might be getting a bit obsessed" award with 615 laps completed is Flagnag, regaining his title from Zask
    The "I hate that effing Race Director" award with 177 invalid laps, is Rakanishu2199 (twice on the trot)
    The "Need for Speed" award for the top maximum speed is e300vkb with 178.25 mph in a Formula Renault 3.5
    The "Mr Cautious" award for most use of the brakes is Paicey09 at Lydden Hill
    The "Heavy Right Foot" award for most use of the accelerator is sean_d at Monza
    The "Yank it baby" award for most use of the wheel is Shadow_Racer at Lydden Hill
    The "I love that Restart button" award for most laps started is Flagnag with 1529, 3rd time winner
    The "Quest for perfection" award for bailing out of laps is sean_d with only 21.0% of laps started actually completed
    The "Ploughing on Regardless" award for keeping on going is RossinHD who completed 74.1% of the laps he started, 2nd time winner

    And drum roll please.......

    The "Flappy Lips" award for most posts in the chatroom during the championship, for a second time and a country mile ahead of his nearest chatterbox, is...... awittyusername.

    Come join us for the new season at, all formats PC/PS4/XBox
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    Race Report from Barcelona in a Ferrari 288 GTO.

    I guess the lead news is the sheer effort put in by Rakanishu2199 who started an astonishing 1182 laps. But it's Jabbah that takes the win from relatively new joiner Clemzini and then e300vkb.
    So that sets up League 1 nicely with Jabbah and e300vkb tied for 1st and Rakanishu2199 in 3rd. awittyusername and zartherb nestled firmly in the relegation zone.
    League 2 sees Maskmagog make it 2 wins from 2 and well clear, Ianb-lincs and myself fighting for the other promotion slot, well I say fighting, I'm not, I don't want to go anywhere near League 1 if I can help it. Shoeshear and Speckle likely to go down under no-show rules which could leave Matt S and Paicey09 in trouble.
    League 3. ChiefyWho in the lead with 2 from 2, RossinHD and Twistygit in joint 2nd. Mushypee and Shadow_Racer also likely to go down as no-shows, meaning Botschki and molineux1980 could end up in the relegation zone.
    League 4. We have a set of 4 very quick new/returning players, Clemzini, Lanius1984, Wiz and Pac-Man292 all at the top of this league, but it's Clemzini at the top for the moment.
    Handicapped Championship. oldmodelt takes the win and takes a strong early lead overall, Lanius1984 drops to 2nd.
    Ballast Championship. Pac-Man292 wins the race but Zask moves up to the top of the table.
    Knockout Championship, we're down to the last 16 and Maskmagog can revel in the knowledge hat he knocked out sean_d ;-)
    Team Championship, The Bandicoots win the race and draw level at the top of the table with Fast(ish) n Loud

    Next race is Zolder in a Ford Falcon FG V8 Supercar

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    Race Report from Zolder.

    35 people took part with a lot of new faces giving it a whirl, and it's Jabbah who pips e300vkb, racing all the way up to the midnight deadline, by 0.085 sec. Other notable results are Lanius1984 taking 3rd place overall and Rakanishu2199 only putting in a token effort of starting 405 laps compared to last week's 1182 ;-)

    It's no-show clearout week, Shoeshear, Speckle, Mushypee and Shadow_Racer are all no-shows and drop down to League 4. That means ChiefyWho and Twistygit go up to League 2 and Skinny, Lanius1984, Pac-Man292 and Wiz go up to League 3.

    League 1. Jabbah's win sees him take a 2 point lead over e300vkb. awittyusername and zartherb stuck in the relegation zone.
    League 2. Maskmagog well out in front, with newly promoted ChiefyWho into 2nd. Paicey09 and Matt S in the relegation zone.
    League 3. Newly promoted Skinny and Lanius1984 straight into the top 2 spots, molineux1980 and chmashdejare at the bottom and Botschki flirting nearby.
    League 4. All the promotions mean that StackerGB and WashedSphinx512 now lead.

    Handicapped challenge, Jabbah wins this week, showing how hard he pushed for the overall win, taking him up to 2nd overall with oldmodelt still out in front.
    Ballast challenge, it's e300vkb who takes this one, with Jabbah still in the top spot.
    Team Challenge, The Bandicoots take their 2nd win on the trot and move clear in 1st overall.
    Knockout Challenge. Through to the Quarter-Finals are Born2BSlow, Djbuzz07, Rakanishu2199, e300vkb, Zask, Jabbah, Maskmagog and awittyusername
    Online Monday Night Racing saw up to 11 of us bouncing around various combos and it's e300vkb who leads the table.

    Next race is Oulton Park in a Ford Escort RS1600. See you there.
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    Race Report from Zolder.

    We had a load of new joiners, albeit under awful circumstances, and there were 42 people that took part.

    League 1. Jabbah makes it 3 wins on the bounce and is looking settled in top spot. Born2BSlow makes a return to form for 2nd, although it's e300vkb who is 2nd in the table. zartherb at the bottom, awittyusername catches up a bit to FTR mov for the other relegation place.
    League 2. Maskmagog way out in front. A_Chalk_Outline, ChiefyWho, TrigL, me and IanB-Lincs all with a shout for the other promotion slot. Paicey09 and Matt S all but mathematically down.
    League 3. Skinny and Lanius1984 well clear. Botschki and chmashdejare currently in the relegation zone.
    League 4. StackerGB in first and LazyTurtle leaps 3 places to go into 2nd.
    Handicapped Challenge. LazyTurtle takes the win, oldmodelt still in the lead overall, but there's a clump of people catching up behind him.
    Ballast Challenge. New joiner Mushypee wins, Zask top of the table, just ahead of Born2BSlow.
    Team Challenge. The Fast(ish) n Loud versus The Bandicoots battle continues unabated and it's all square going into round 5.
    Knockout Cup. Rakanishu2199 takes out e300vkb against the odds, Born2BSlow, Jabbah and awittyusername join him in the semis.
    Online Monday Night Racing. e300vkb streets ahead, Genetix604 and awittyusername following.

    Next race is Fuji in a Bentley Speed 8.
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    Race Report from Fuji

    We had 44 drivers taking part driving over 3000 miles around the Fuji race track, so thank you all for taking part.

    It's well done to Jabbah who obliterated everyone by nearly a second. That win leaves him well clear in first place for the League 1 Title, e300vkb also well clear for 2nd, zartherb likely to be relegated and it's a battle going into the last race between awittyusername and FTR mov to avoid the other relegation slot.
    League 2, Maskmagog secures the title and promotion, A_Chalk_Outline looking good for 2nd but TrigL is close behind. Paicey09 and Matt S relegated.
    League 3, Skinny and Lanius1984 will be promoted, chmashdejare and Botschki in the relegation zone.
    League 4, StackerGB definitely promoted, LazyTurtle in 2nd. There may be a single no-show of Wiz, so that might open up promotion for someone in 3rd, so keep on pushing WashedSphinx512 and Simon

    Handicapped Championship sees LazyTurtle leap 9 places and up to 1st, Jabbah grinding out the results to be in 2nd.
    Ballast Championship, new joiner Shakey_Jake188 wins the race, and it's Jabbah out in front overall.
    Team Championship, The Bandicoots win to sneak ahead of Fast(ish) n Loud. If Fast(ish) n Loud win next week and The Bandicoots come 2nd, I'm going to have to do add up all the race times and find out who was the lowest so if you could avoid that result happening I'd be most grateful.
    Knockout Championship. Rakanishu2199 beats Born2BSlow and Jabbah beats awittyusername to set up quite a tasty final of Rakanishu2199 vs Jabbah
    In the online Monday Night Racing, e300vkb is still the man to beat and well clear out in front.

    So we stroll on into the final race of the season which is a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL at Nürburgring Muellenbach. Keep safe and hope to see you there.

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