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Thread: What's Your Favorite Car/ Racing Movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Wright View Post
    I enjoyed it too but the book "Go Like Hell" is much better. The film bears little resemblance to it or indeed to reality.
    What do you mean it isn't a car movie, the blues mobile is the center piece of the show.

    My favorite quote though...

    Or what I always think "It's 10 laps around the ring, I've got a full tank of gas, it's dark and I am wearing my Vive. HIT IT!"
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    remembering my pCARS1 skin

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    Every car could be a race car, as long as you have the balls to drive it like that !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christiaan van Beilen View Post
    What do you mean it isn't a car movie, the blues mobile is the center piece of the show.
    Well, i was thinking along the lines of it not being a car movie in the same way that something like The Transporter, Rush, Death Race or The Gumball Rally are. It's not really focused around racing or some kind of big automotive event where a majority of the movie is around the character/s and their vehicles.
    It's more of a musical themed movie, that just happens to have a fair bit of 4 wheeled action, hahaha (and an awesome bridge jump). Google calls it 'comedy music/action', while IMDB adds 'adventure' and even 'crime'.

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    Favorite Car

    I favorite racing movie is Fast and Furious Series movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tank621 View Post
    I watched Le Mans '66 (AKA Ford v Ferrari) yesterday and I must say it is a very enjoyable film, would definitely recommend
    Just dragged my lovely wife (not a car nut) along to see this film this afternoon (I forgot to tell her the 2hr:34 running time) and she really enjoyed it. I did too, I think it does a wonderful job of capturing why we love cars and racing, and the main actors do tremendous work bringing the story to life. I thought Christian Bale was excellent in the way he depicted Ken Miles' story. Highly recommended and don't worry about tiny factual errors that reviewers have picked up on, it tells the story well.
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