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Thread: The motorsport scale models and diecast mega thread!

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    missing the apex........ again
    Quote Originally Posted by Tank621 View Post
    All this thread is doing is making me really want to start my own collection, I really like the idea of having a full Le Mans grid on my wall
    I was tempted to do the 98 GT1 class as seen in this very game. It would be handy as there were 15 cars, and these atlas cases have space for 15 cars!

    One of these cases full of the cars, with a few choice prints or posters of the event around it would look rather dapper I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by balderz002 View Post
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    Added a couple since the last time. All Ixo except for the Spark 911, the Fujimi F430 and Hotwheels F458..... Arriving tomorrow is the Larbre Corvette. But as you can see, I need another case!
    You should start your own stop motion series.😀
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