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Thread: The Story of Project Cars

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    The Story of Project Cars

    I know a LOT of this but I am probably not the one to tell it, because I watched from afar, especially during the development of the first title.

    But, I am interested to see what others who have been more hands on along the way have to say.

    How did PC1 and 2 come to be? How did SMS become a thing? How does crowdfunding play in?

    I think it is important to have this discussion. Since PC2 came out, people get concerned about bugs and whatnot... and they lose track of the very human connections that make Project CARS unique among games and many sims.

    I may follow up with questions and some questions may be leading because of what I do know... but I think there are better people here to tell these stories than me.

    There is a reason these games are called Project CARS, and I feel after release, the consumers lose track of the actual project behind it all. The mission that gives us these games. The Project behind these games is really cool. Let’s talk about it!

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