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Thread: [PC/XB1/PS4] vrHive - Dashes/Telemetry/Live Data/Arduino/Client-Server/+more

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    Graphs on suspensions would be great ! Maybe one day I will be able to set-up my suspension by myself.
    During the monitoring, it could be also useful to see in the main dash window different color appear for the outer, central and inner tire casing temperatures.
    It can be useful parameter to set-up the camber I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by taos227 View Post

    Ehm, not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but aren't the labels for the Rear Right and Rear Left mixed up in the Tyre analysis window? If I look at the numbers and compare them to the graphs it certainly does seem so. And it seems logical as well... you have Front Left / Front Right... so probably it should be Rear Left / Rear Right as well...?

    Also, not sure if the API makes this possible, but it would be great if we could have graphs on suspension as well... ride height, suspension travel, things like that. As it is now I see no way to check bottoming out and suspension behavior. Just wondering if there is anything in the pipeline for that...?

    Otherwise, great app and actually I have the same question as the previous poster... donation made, "Car Setup" still not activated.

    Keep up the good work!
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    A bit lost. I’m trying to view telemetry. The save telemetry box is checked but theres never anything in the analysis window to view. I can watch data live in race engineer but cant figure out how to get that data to telemetry analysis.

    Also everytime I restart the program i have to go into settings and switch back to udp mode, is that normal?

    I also cant change log level and the first button is greyed out, normal?

    In fact none of my settings seem to persist. An issue with a preference file or something?

    Uninstalled and reinstalled, problem solved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LaManchaah View Post
    Hi Mikey !

    Congratulations, I love your app.
    I've installed vrHive and it works really good with PCars2. But in the same time, I've donated few bucks via Paypal, and the "Car Setups" tile is still not activated.
    Do you know if it need a lot of time to be activated and how many time as well, or if this option should have been activated as soon as the payment was done ?

    Many thanks for your help ! Have a nice day.
    Me too

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