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Thread: Mod to disable rendering to one eye in VR?

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    Post Mod to disable rendering to one eye in VR?


    I'm blind in my right eye and I'd love to play project cars 2 in VR where I'm not wastefully rendering two images. I'd like to just render to my left eye for better AA or FPS etc as I do not have the luxury of full sight.

    I have a degree in games programming so I'm absolutely happy to get my hands dirty if mods are possible?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions or guidance.

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    Sounds like a very limited section of the gaming public would make use of that, but that you in turn would need that for various other games as well. Have you already approached your headset manufacturer about including that function in a future version of their firmware?
    ...because simcar

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    I completely agree, unfortunately monocular vision isn't all too common.

    I have contacted HTC who said I should try contacting SteamVR. I have also asked on the Oculus forums but with no reply.

    It would be better at a driver / firmware level as it would apply to all games. However, I am trying to pursue all options for now to see what is possible.
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