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Thread: Online with “Force default setup”: which is used

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    Online with “Force default setup”: which is used

    I’ve joined a racing league which use the “Force Default Setup” option for the races. Which setup is used in that case? The Loose setup or Stable setup? This in order for me to practice for these races off line with similair circumstances and similair setup.

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    If you're using a wheel it'll be the loose setup. Otherwise you'll get the stable one.
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    Thanks for the quick reply!

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    I’ve found a bug then.
    Today I joined a default setup lobby (road E) and the Ferrari was extremely understeery, a nightmare to drive.
    I play with a wheel.
    I did not remember this car to be like that, and tried it in TT afterwards.
    With the loose setup, it was good. Then I used the stable setup and it was horrible, like in the multiplayer lobby.
    I think any default setup may be used in forced setup online races.

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