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Thread: Share your best car/track/weather racing combinations vs AI or MP

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    Post Share your best car/track/weather racing combinations vs AI or MP

    Hi all, please could you share your favourite car/track/weather racing combinations here. If you've found a gem of a combination that gives some great racing either vs the AI or in multiplayer I'd love to hear about it.

    Why? Well Project CARS 2 is a huge game and it is easy to overlook great combinations and experiences we otherwise might miss. If you are time limited like me I don't have endless time for trial and error so some community help along the way would be useful.

    I'll share what I've found as an example but please feel free to add any criteria you think important that I might have missed.

    If we can keep the focus on combinations that work that would be a big help.

    Le Mans Series Endurance Racing
    Series: Multiclass Racing V's the AI
    Classes: LMP1, LMP3, GT4, GT5 (Player using any GT4 class car)
    Circuits that give great racing and the AI can overtake at with ease: Red Bull Ring, Donnington Park, Monza
    Suggested AI settings: 80-95 AI skill, 70-80 aggression - adjust depending how well you know the car/track combination.
    Suggested length: 10 laps (minimum to allow the LMP1 cars to lap the field atleast once) to 2 hours plus.
    Time progression: x20 to get some day/night racing
    Race start time: 3 or 4pm to lead into the night.
    Weather: Clear (easiest), fog-heavy fog (ups the ante), wet (challenging especially at night)
    Penalties/fuel/tyre wear and damage: On
    Assists: to suit your style and abilities.

    That's my current go to setting for a challenging and satisfying race but I'm more interested in yours and look forward to trying out the great combinations you've found. SMS/web team it would be great if, time permitting, you could share your favourites too, you know the game better than anyone.

    Thanks all and good racing!
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