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Thread: Indycar Ovals Undriveable

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpb1977 View Post
    Guys, I love your passion for Indycars!!! May I humbly suggest (that in addition to PC2) you come and join us on iRacing?!? It's a totally different animal as iRacing does not have AI, so I'm certainly not suggesting you abandon Project Cars 2. But geez, we could use you!
    Mainly because we are on Xbox here so iRacing is not an option. As the previous poster said it's the cost and time commitment with iRacing that makes that difficult to do too. The whole racing license system i know has caused some friends of mine who went over to PC and iRacing a lot of problems. Once i've retired and can devote more time to it I'll certainly look at that route again though
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    Quote Originally Posted by skcusIHC View Post
    Follwing up on my post from mid march (post #113).

    Since patch 6.0 the other day, I am no longer exactly able to duplicate the wrecking loose scenario. I've now run a full 32 car grid without a hiccup in the 2 post patch races I've done at Indianapolis in the IndyCar.

    A matter of a couple days before patch 6.0 dropped, I was convinced I had found what was triggering my wrecking loose experiences (at least in my situation). Everything would be fine if I rolled off with a formation lap. Everything was fine when I'd roll off with no formation lap but also having manual start turned "on". When I would switch settings to rolling start, no formation lap, and manual start "off", is when the issue would pop up. To be clear, that issue was much more severe prior to patch 6.0. More on that later.

    The problem had virtually disappeared for me the prior few months. I thought it was because I reduced grid sizes and just kind of accepted it. Over this time I always ran with a formation lap and everything manual. Well, I ended up working on a new car setup the week leading up to patch 6.0 and had to fine tune my race gearing again. I had my higher qualifying boost gearing perfect, but not the lower boost race gearing. So my method on how to set the "race boost" gearing is to make the race start as soon as possible and then I could run a few laps, restart, change gearing, run a few laps, rinse and repeat.

    That's when the wrecking loose had returned, but I had just run a race earlier that day with no issues...and my grid size was down. So I'm like, "wait a minute, what's going on here? What changed?" Immediately dawned on me that all I changed was the pre-race situation. Went back to my normal procedures and had zero issues. Through trial and error, I pinpointed that manual start "off" was triggering the whacked physics when there was no formation lap run. Fast forward to today post patch 6.0, and in that same scenario, I get [I]somewhat[I] whacked physics. But absolutely nothing like experienced pre patch 6.0. However, after about a half lap, I feel a weird snap or jolt in the FFB and the handling returns to normal.

    TL;DR - Convinced whacked physics were being caused by no formation lap and specifically manual start being "off
    I like the detailed explanation here, but I can't seem to wrap my head around it fully. I personally like to go straight to race only, so.... what would be the best "start" settings to use, if that even matters when going straight to race?
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