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Yeah it was with the Ferrari GT3

Anyway, there is an exploit that allows to by-pass the fixed setup.

I was struggling to improve my laptimes in the World Time Attack challenge. I was near my maximum around the 1:18.8xx mark and I was wondering how the top driver could take such lines. Especially in the last corner.
Everything is now much easier... I improved my best time by 0,200s in two "dirty" laps whereas I was struggling to gain 0,050s with the default setup.
Thanks for posting this, I think this is proof that we really need a known issues list. This is an exploit that was reported (by someone else) 3 months ago in this forum and I had assumed it was fixed by now, but apparently it isn't. If we had a known issue list, I would had seen it's not there and report it again to make sure it is not overseen. Now I am not sure about other reported bugs that are not fixed yet, should I report them again or not? I know 2 months ago the bug list could give food to trolls to bash the game, but now the # of bugs has greatly decreased, so it should be feasible to make it public..