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Thread: Force "Cockpit View only" in MP Lobbies not working correctly

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    Force "Cockpit View only" in MP Lobbies not working correctly

    Hi guys

    even though i have the following settings in lobby people are reporting they still can switch camera to "whatever they want":

    Click image for larger version. 

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    this is in a gt3 online lobby which exists since hours...(i was always the host).

    please SMS have a look at this. it's kinda frustrating to still have people beeing able to play "arcarde style" if i want to force them to become real sim racers.

    can a mod please inform sms about this?

    it's for sure. people confirming in chat they are able to use bonnet cam etc....

    Edit: i can't show any video / in my case (the host) i'm not able to switch camera outside of car. others confirm.
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