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Thread: Inherited Lobby.

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    Still happening, every time a host quits after a race is finished I am made host...
    There is no logic behind this that I can discern, so I've now started quitting as soon as it shows me as host in the lobby.

    No big deal perhaps, in fact what I'm doing is passing the parcel that includes the No Starting Lights issue, which also happens every time I inherit a server.

    I really do hope that the development team are aware of this and if some kind person involved would explain,,, why me, why do I always become host ?

    Have a good race !

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    Oh. My. God.

    Boneboys from the DayZ forums? Small world.

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    Happens to me quite often, and goes unnoticed at all unless you go to the lobby and be attentive.

    Hey SMS can we get a message when we have the responsibility of being the Host? Just as "YOU ARE NOW THE HOST OF THIS SERVER" simple.
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