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Thread: Project CARS 2 - Fun Pack Trailer

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    4 more hrs at work & im off for 2 weeks ! Just in time SMS thx for the early Xmass present
    Knowing that when i get home & fire up the pc it will be waiting for me makes these 4 hrs seem like an eternity!
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    Guess I'll give it a go after X-mas (not that I'm really celebrating x-mas, other then do a 'lonely Swede' Drink all the x-mas booze in advance in one sitting and pass out, rinse repeat 'til I can't blame x-mas any longer)

    Been busy playing really old Samurai games lately.
    But the Citroën RX, (and the fact that someone put me in my place on Brands Hatch GP) almost forces me to start playing it again.

    Really nice video.. (is it HobNob doing the Mustang drifting in the demo? as it looks like his usual spots.)
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    Only interesting in this, is the Renault 5 turbo, but only because im brainwashed with renault right from when I was born.... well Rally is simply not my thing.

    so no dlc at this time for me.

    will wait 3 months more for the next dlc or when ever the next will be released.
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