There are currently 165 dashboards available with the Z1 Dashboard software. 18 of those are what we call Specialty dashboards. These are various dashboards that help you with your race.

The Ahead/Behind dashboards are two examples of this. This set of dashboards provides you with information about the drivers who are directly ahead of you and behind you on track.

This includes the driver's name, car and position, as well as:
* Their last lap time
* Their fastest lap time
* The number of laps since they last pitted
* Your delta to their lap times - so you know if you are gaining or losing time to them.
* Whether they are one of your tracked drivers.

Ahead/Behind Dash 1

Ahead/Behind Dash 2

Ahead/Behind Dash showing tracked drivers

You can see all the Specialty dashboards here:

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Remember the Z1 Dashboard comes with the Z1 Analyzer - one of the best applications for helping you improve as a driver!