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Thread: Real-time telemetry/race strategy tool released for PC2

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    Real-time telemetry/race strategy tool released for PC2


    I have been developing a telemetry and race strategy tool for the F1 series since Codemasters started doing the game for PCs. In the years it has grown into a quite large package. The tool has been working with PC2 for quite some time, but I never announced it here, so here we go.

    My tool provides:

    • real-time telemetry graphics
      saves telemetry data (from you + limited data from your5 opponents), which you can then analyze later (i.e. how could the winner be 3 seconds per lap faster than me).
      very accurate delta to all cars racing
      race related data (track position history, laptime history views),
      track map with opponent MP rating visible
      raceinfo with data about the driver in front and behind and graphs of their laptime histories
      "Driver DNA", way to look at many laps to see, where you are consistent, where not

    This is a tool, which I have developed for myself and use myself. The features I add are the ones, that I would like to have during racing.

    Like e.g. in the real-time track map you can see, where you will land after pitstop. Or in race info you can see as graphs, the laptimes of the person ahead + person behind and your fuel use details.

    So this is a tool, which you can use for improving your own driving, but can also use it to make you (or someone else) to work as your race engineer.

    I just released version 9.3, which plenty of fixes for PC2's online racing + fixes to the track data.

    you can get the tool from RaceDepartment at And if you cannot create an account in RaceDepartment, you can also get the tool from my website at

    If you run the tool on the same computer as PC2, the installation is pretty simple.

    1. Unzip the package anywhere you like to install it, e.g. C:\bin\Telemetry.
      Read first the ReadMe.txt.
      Then run the runWin_PC2.bat, which starts the tool.
      Start PC2, enable the UDP Telemetry, restart PC2.
      Start driving
      Get Telemetry. Enjoy and get better.

    You can see the installation video at my YouTube channel at

    The tool can be run on Windows, Linux or Mac, e.g. on a spare laptop. Or on second screen (as I do). If you run the Telemetry tool on separate computer from PC2, check the ReadMe.txt on how to get the data to the 2nd computer.

    If you have any questions, let me know.

    Enjoy, I do.

    Here are some screenshots

    1. Basic telemetry
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	V92_PC2_Telemetry.jpg 
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ID:	279367
    2. Many windows open, a "race engineer screen"
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	V92_ACC_RaceEngineer_view.jpg 
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Size:	149.0 KB 
ID:	279370
    3. 6 lap online race laptime history compared to winner
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	V92_PC2_RaceHistory_laptimes.jpg 
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Size:	74.5 KB 
ID:	279368
    4. Track map with driver names
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	V92_PC2_Map_extra.jpg 
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Size:	102.4 KB 
ID:	279371
    5. Driver DNA, to see, how consistent you are, here is data from steering
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	V93_Driver_DNA_steer_60_laps.jpg 
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Size:	163.3 KB 
ID:	279369
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    Tool sounds great, but people need to have an account in racedepartment to be allowed to download the tool and that might be inconvenient. How about providing also a link in some service like dropbox etc?

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    I will try to see, if I can attach the file to the original post.

    At the moment the upload just drops, which might be due to my connection at the moment. If I cannot attach the .zip, I will post alternative link.

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