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Thread: Z1 Analyzer

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    Quote Originally Posted by edhunter View Post
    Anybody have a good scan of pcars2 Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps? I tried to make scan edges but I made some mistakes and not satisfied.
    When you make trackdata files you can best take a car with a good sight on the front wheels and good brakes and steering capabilities. I use the Honda 2&4 concept and TrackIR. Be patient and accurate. Don't worry I will do Spa this week...
    Win 10 PC, PCars2 installed on SSD
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    The car I used was Megane SMS Touring. I usually use driver position inside camera, and trying to follow exact track lines with the external cam + not seeing well front wheels was a bit difficult for me
    You are correct using open wheeler or low car will be much better. I will try again and if I am satisfied will upload files here.

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