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Thread: Issue with multiplayer multiclass

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    Issue with multiplayer multiclass

    Tonight I set up a race for GTE and GT3. My friend and I were going to race against 20 AI at Fuji. Once I start the game, I notice there are four GTE entries (we are two of them) and everyone else is running GT3... in short, the starting grid is way out of balance. This happened to me recently in a similar situation with LMP1 LMP2 and the GT3 cars at Le Mans. The LMP1 cars were drastically underrepresented. Ideas?

    (edit because I was falling asleep and got the track wrong, sorry)
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    I went through a forum search, looking for all threads with "multiplayer" in the headline, but didn´t find much that fits to my issue. This one is as close as it can get. Quite an old thread this is but no need for me to create a new one. We experience quite the same issue when trying to create a multiplayer race filled with AI on a dedicated server.

    For some test runs we set up a server with a multiclass race at Nurburgring GP, 20 cars, GT3 + GT4 + GTE, "fill up with AI". In our test runs we usually ran the races with only 2 or 3 real drivers. What we get is very often that one of the classes is represented by one car only, may it be GT4 or GTE. Independant on which class we real drivers race in. We get this in about every second race or maybe even more often so this is not something that happens by a statistical chance.

    Is there anything we can do in the server config to get a better distribution over all classes? Thanks.
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